Data Sensing Workshop at University of Sussex

As part of the Remote Intimacy residency at Fabrica, Magda Tyzlik-Carver will be hosting a workshop on data sensing at Sussex University on 21 July. All are welcome to participate. Please see the Ecologies of Intimacy website for more information:

‘Crudely speaking, data sensing is about sensor based relationships with the world. Sensors measure and register air pollution, humidity, water temperature, sound, light, movement and other phenomena occurring in the environment. They allow us the kind of connection with the world which when translated into data informs our understanding of environments we live in or remote places which we want to explore and exploit. The Internet of Things, Smart Cities are some of the examples of such sensor based systems. They provide us with information about the environmental conditions in which we live, but they also construct new relations and worlds which we then move to inhabit.

Yet, as we increasingly monitor our bodies, homes, neighbourhoods, and the whole planet and beyond, how does this sensor and data based world become familiar? How do we make meaning out of our daily activities that are registered through Facebook likes, tweets sent and photos taken and uploaded to our social media accounts? How do we keep hold of our affective traces so they are not just displaced and consumed by the ever growing desire to count all as data? Finally, how to sustain intimacy as a way to know the world and experience our connection with it?

This second event in the series Ecologies of Intimacy will interrogate the ways in which data sensing is experienced. We will consider who, what and how is involved in sensing data and for what ends?’