Otvorena Soba – Developing links with businesses and manufacturers

Otvorena Soba began to reach new audiences in the business sector through the residencies, including the companies involved in the residency projects.

However, alongside this approach, Otvorena Soba used the space of their building to inform their audience development strategy. In the first six months of the project Otvorena Soba acquired a new building which allowed them to develop a range of new programmes and approaches. The Audience Development programme became very connected with the nature of and the development of the space itself, which mixes a lot of different activities together.

The new building included hot-desking and meeting spaces, so entrepreneurs and businesses were encouraged to come into the building to work. The vibrancy of the space and the range of other activities going on around them often excited their curiosity, which meant that these people returned outside of work hours and sometimes brought their families with them.

Young children, curious about the new building and appreciative of the informal atmosphere were some of the first new audiences to the space and a programme of workshops was delivered to this group (including 3D modelling and cooking workshops) – after a while their parents would also come. Otvorena Soba has been working with the children on an experimental project to map out the territory of the building.

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