Understanding Territoriality Opening Conference

Understanding Territoriality Conference: Marek Kohn Presentation
Understanding Territoriality Conference – Marek Kohn Presentation, image courtesy Tracey Gue

Understanding Territoriality and Cooperation – Conference, 26 May 2015

The opening conference brought together representatives from the partner organisations, expert speakers from arts and humanities disciplines, plus invited guests and interested delegates.

Introduction to the conference and project by Fabrica Co-Director, Liz Whitehead

Below is a list of the speakers and themes, with links to films of each of the day’s presentations:

Embodied Space: Proxemics and Territoriality

Mary Agnes Krell (UK): Senior Lecturer in Media & Film Studies (Media and Film, Centre for Material Digital Culture). Mary has worked widely in theatre and as a digital artist creating interactive media for the web, CD-ROM and installations in the UK and internationally. She has a longstanding interest in narrative, performance and mediated art, particularly the intersection of performance and digital media.

Mary Agness Krell Presentation

Personal Realms: Objects, identity, intimacy and meaning

Dr Louise Purbrick (UK) is Principal Lecturer in the History of Art and Design, School of Humanities, Faculty of Arts, University of Brighton. Her research is devoted to the understanding of material culture and particularly the way that social relationships are forged through material culture, how we make our worlds with things. Purbrick’s mongraph, The Wedding Present (2007) examines the objects given and received upon marriage, how they are used, preserved and valued. It is an analysis of practices of preserving everyday things and an account of how the past is embodied in material form.

Louise Purbrick Presentation

Louise Purbrick Conference Paper

Common Interests: competition, co-operation and trust.

Marek Kohn (UK) is a science writer and the author of Trust: Self interest and the Common Good, which expounds that our belief in the truth or reliability of someone or something lies at the very heart of our relationships, our society and our everyday lives. His book reveals why scientists, social scientists, and philosophers no longer take trust for granted.

Marek Kohn Presentation

Marek Kohn Conference Paper

Power, representation and the new demopraxy: reconfiguring relationships between the Citizen, the Institution, the State and the Corporation.

Paolo Naldini Director of Cittadellarte (IT)

Paolo Naldini Presentation

Paolo Naldini Conference Paper

Prof. Dr. Pascal Gielen (BE) Professor, Sociology of Art & Cultural Politics, Groningen University. Pascal Gielen has written several books on contemporary art, cultural heritage and cultural politics. His latest publication, No Culture, No Europe – On the foundation of Politics, argues that culture is an essential, binding fabric of investigating and assessing our identity and that faith in politics is foremost a cultural issue.

Pascal Gielen Presentation

Pascal Gielen Publication: The Substructure for a European Common

Re-making Space: urbanism and design.
Anne van der Zwaag (NL) is author of the publication, Looks Good, Feels Good, is Good – How Social Design changes our world, which explores the Social Design movement. The social designers’ main drive is a commitment to sustainability, understood as a dynamic equilibrium between the protection and improvement of natural ecosystems and resources, economic productivity and providing social infrastructure. If sustainability is the principle value of Social Design, then social design seeks the right balance between society, nature and economy, or between ‘People’, ‘Planet, and ‘Profile’.

Anne van der Zwaag Presentation

Anne van der Zwaag: Social Design