Audience development

Netwerk audience development workshopImage courtesy Netwerk / center for contemporary art & Ivo Delrue

Over the course of the project each of the project partners will be developing work with a particular audience group, who may be underrepresented in the organisation or as a way to develop stronger partnerships.

Netwerk – Working with Asylum Seekers and Refugees

Working in collaboration with professional artists, Netwerk will develop a participatory project with the local population of (non EU) political immigrants and refugees. The project will explore ideas of home, belonging and what it means to be a new European.

Cittadellarte – Supporting Sustainable Networks and Social Entrepreneurs

Starting from the Geographies of Change network, Cittadellarte will focus on developing this online and global audience through strengthening the ‘living brain’ of the network. This will be achieved through adding new content and archival material to the network’s website and involving Geographies of Change members in Understanding Territoriality activities.

Otvorena Soba – Developing links with businesses and manufacturers

Part of Otvorena Soba’s mission to support the creative sector is by increasing awareness and appreciation of excellent new design within the local manufacturing and business sectors. Through its residency and exhibition programmes, and through round table discussions, Otvorena Soba aims to make new connections with this sector and create opportunities for direct interaction with young designers.

Fabrica – Young People

Fabrica will oversee a youth-led, film project that aims to develop the voice of young people on the subject of territoriality through the production of their own short films, supported by a professional artist-filmmaker. Young people are an underrepresented audience group and Fabrica is committed to finding new ways that young people can take ownership of the organisation and their own creative development.