Project Learning & Reflection

Sharing Our Learning and Development

This page brings together resources and reflections that have emerged out of the thinking of the project. We hope that these will encourage wider discussion on the subject of territoriality.

Speaker Presentations: Understanding Territoriality Opening Conference

Embodied Space: Proxemics and Territoriality by Mary Agnes Krell
Territorialities: Home Range by Dr. Louise Purbrick
‘My Lingo, My Train’. The Free Movement of Languages and People by Marek Kohn
Antagonism and demopraxia, notes for a course of reflection to be developed within the TIPP project by Paolo Naldini
Notes from The Substructure for a European Common by Pascal Gielen
Social Design by Anne van der Zwaag

Links to these documents can be found on the conference page here.

Project Publication 

Over the course of the project each of the organisations involved produced a series of ‘chapters’, comprised of texts and other publishable materials. The chapters address different aspects of the subject of territoriality, which will have developed out of the research, activities and conversations that have taken place amongst the project partners and with other practitioners, artists, academics and audiences. These chapters have been brought together as one united publication with an introductory chapter by Pascal Gielen, which is available as a downloadable pdf:

Understanding Territoriality: Identity Place and Possession.pdf

The text by Giusy Checola included in the publication is an edited extract of a longer text. A full version of this chapter is available here.

Audience Development Programme Participant Reflections


“There is an important similarity between a journalist and an artist: both are engaged in representing reality. The difference is that when a journalist, like me, attempts to return a faithful picture of facts and events, that a journalist tends to forget that it concerns representation and replaces reality itself with their own narration. Working closely with a group of artists, having to deal with deconstructed and paradoxical forms of representation of reality, is a valuable experience for a journalist. Or at least it has been for me”

Andrea Degl’Innocent is a journalist and activist of Italia Che Cambia (members of the Geographies of Change Network). He is author of the book “Islanda chiama Italia” (Iceland calls Italy), Rome, Ludica, 2013.

Netwerk/ Babbelonië project:

– Patty:
“Wij hebben met Athar veel over kunst geleerd, dat was heel interessant.”

With Athar we learned a lot about art, that was really interesting”

– Adriana:
“ik vind het heel leuk dat Athar naar Babbelonië komt,  kunst is moeilijk maar interessant om over te praten.”
“I really like Athars presence in Babbelonië, art can be difficult, though it is interesting to talk about it.”