Remote Intimacy Commission Opportunity – Call For Proposals

Fabrica will commission one artist (or a pre-existing artist group), with a strong track record, to create a new work, that explores the possibility for (or actuality of) sustaining close personal relationships across geographical distance.

Located primarily online and through telecommunication, broadcast and/or social and networked media, this commission will investigate human to human contact, and intimacy, as increasingly mediated and entangled with nonhuman others.

The work and its process of production will be shared online, and presented by the artist as an event or ‘work-in-progress’ exhibition, at Fabrica during Brighton Digital Festival 2016.

Fabrica is inviting artists to apply whose practice incorporates digital and networked technologies, and who are living and working in the EU and/or Iceland, Norway, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYR Macedonia, Montenegro, Republic of Serbia, Turkey, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine.

Deadline: 12 noon (UK time) Tuesday 10 May 2016

More information about the opportunity and how to apply can be found here:

Remote Intimacy – AppDetails

Open Call for Residency Participants – Cittadellarte

the shifting placeAn opportunity for 10 artists and professionals from different fields to participate in The Shifting Place. This will be the second week-long residency organised by UNIDEE – University of Ideas – and taking place at Cittadellarte, Fondazione Pistoletto in Biella, Italy, as part of the Understanding Territoriality project.

The residency aims to investigate the aesthetic, spatial and temporal fractures of transition territorial processes, both in local and transnational, private and common, material and immaterial dimensions.

The residency is divided into three parts: three days spent around the Biellese mountains hosted by the “agents of change” –  members of the Biellese in transition network; the individual and collective work at Cittadellarte; and a public presentation of the residency outcomes. This second week residency module will also establish interactions with locals through exploring their ways of telling stories about “their” own territory, considering people as fundamental tools for revealing some of the evident and hidden, dominant or specific forms and processes of the Biellese territorialities.

Deadline for applications: 29 April 2016

The full call and information on how to apply can be found here.

Artist in Residence Announced

Netwerk are delighted to announce that next year they have invited artist Christian Nyampeta to undertake a residency as part of the Understanding Territoriality project. Born in Rwanda, London-based artist Nyampeta was nominated for the 2015 Dutch Prix de Rome. The residency is in curatorial conjunction with Cittadellarte.


Creating Territorialities residency open studios and discussion

Banner created by the residency participants

At the beginning of November the Understanding Territoriality partners visited Fondazione Pistoletto – Cittadellarte to meet the Creating Territorialities residency participants, listen to their final presentations and participate in the following discussion.

It was a privilege to hear how projects and ideas had developed both individually and collectively over the week.

A full report of the residency will be available soon.

Netwerk workshops: Working with asylum seekers and refugees

Netwerk has successfully launched a series of workshops aimed at asylum seekers and refugees, in partnership with local organisation Babbelonië. For the second workshop in the series, participants from Congo, Ecuador, Peru and Russia worked with South Korean artist Sim Cha Chi on the subject of the position of women in Belgian society in comparison to the participants countries of origin. The artist presented her own sculptural practice as well as sharing her experience of how her Korean origin and move to Europe had coloured her image of women.

Netwerk workshop 2

She then invited the participants to warm up a handful of wax in the palm of their hands and to create a form that reminded them of a woman, all the time encouraging dialogue around the theme. Even though at first some participants were reluctant to participate each person created a sculpture.

The conversation then turned towards Europe, the refugee crisis and a perceived lack of solidarity between member states and between people.

Quote of the day: “You want to know something? Europe does not exist”.

Netwerk workshop 3
All images courtesy Network / center for contemporary art & Ivo Delrue

Creating Territorialities – Residency participants announced

The Understanding Territoriality project is delighted to publish the list of participants who will be taking part in the Creating Territorialities residency at Cittadellarte in Biella, Italy at the beginning of November:

Vahap Avsar (1965, Turkey, lives and works between Istanbul and New York)

Agnes Basthy (1986, Hungary, lives and works in Budapest)

Johanna Bratel (1985, Sweden, lives and works in Malmö)

Anna Bromley (1971, Germany, lives and works in Berlin)

Bahar Habibi (1990, Iran, lives and works in Vancouver)

Diva Helmy (1993, USA, lives and works in Bergen)

Lorenza Ippolito (1979, South Africa, lives and works in Brighton)

Lia Krucken (1971, Brazil, lives and works in Brazil and Germany)

Ju Hyun Oark (1980, Republic of Korea, lives and works in Cologne)

Vittoria Soddu (1986, Italy, lives and works between Brussels and Sardinia)