Data Sensing Workshop at University of Sussex

As part of the Remote Intimacy residency at Fabrica, Magda Tyzlik-Carver will be hosting a workshop on data sensing at Sussex University on 21 July. All are welcome to participate. Please see the Ecologies of Intimacy website for more information:

‘Crudely speaking, data sensing is about sensor based relationships with the world. Sensors measure and register air pollution, humidity, water temperature, sound, light, movement and other phenomena occurring in the environment. They allow us the kind of connection with the world which when translated into data informs our understanding of environments we live in or remote places which we want to explore and exploit. The Internet of Things, Smart Cities are some of the examples of such sensor based systems. They provide us with information about the environmental conditions in which we live, but they also construct new relations and worlds which we then move to inhabit.

Yet, as we increasingly monitor our bodies, homes, neighbourhoods, and the whole planet and beyond, how does this sensor and data based world become familiar? How do we make meaning out of our daily activities that are registered through Facebook likes, tweets sent and photos taken and uploaded to our social media accounts? How do we keep hold of our affective traces so they are not just displaced and consumed by the ever growing desire to count all as data? Finally, how to sustain intimacy as a way to know the world and experience our connection with it?

This second event in the series Ecologies of Intimacy will interrogate the ways in which data sensing is experienced. We will consider who, what and how is involved in sensing data and for what ends?’


Remote Intimacy Commission Opportunity – Call For Proposals

Fabrica will commission one artist (or a pre-existing artist group), with a strong track record, to create a new work, that explores the possibility for (or actuality of) sustaining close personal relationships across geographical distance.

Located primarily online and through telecommunication, broadcast and/or social and networked media, this commission will investigate human to human contact, and intimacy, as increasingly mediated and entangled with nonhuman others.

The work and its process of production will be shared online, and presented by the artist as an event or ‘work-in-progress’ exhibition, at Fabrica during Brighton Digital Festival 2016.

Fabrica is inviting artists to apply whose practice incorporates digital and networked technologies, and who are living and working in the EU and/or Iceland, Norway, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYR Macedonia, Montenegro, Republic of Serbia, Turkey, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine.

Deadline: 12 noon (UK time) Tuesday 10 May 2016

More information about the opportunity and how to apply can be found here:

Remote Intimacy – AppDetails

Open Call for Residency Participants – Cittadellarte

the shifting placeAn opportunity for 10 artists and professionals from different fields to participate in The Shifting Place. This will be the second week-long residency organised by UNIDEE – University of Ideas – and taking place at Cittadellarte, Fondazione Pistoletto in Biella, Italy, as part of the Understanding Territoriality project.

The residency aims to investigate the aesthetic, spatial and temporal fractures of transition territorial processes, both in local and transnational, private and common, material and immaterial dimensions.

The residency is divided into three parts: three days spent around the Biellese mountains hosted by the “agents of change” –  members of the Biellese in transition network; the individual and collective work at Cittadellarte; and a public presentation of the residency outcomes. This second week residency module will also establish interactions with locals through exploring their ways of telling stories about “their” own territory, considering people as fundamental tools for revealing some of the evident and hidden, dominant or specific forms and processes of the Biellese territorialities.

Deadline for applications: 29 April 2016

The full call and information on how to apply can be found here.

open call for design residency programme in skopje, Macedonia


Otvorena Soba Open Call

The Understanding Territoriality project is delighted to publish an open call for young designers (under 35) to take part in a residency at Otvorena Soba/ Public Room, our partner in Skopje, this summer. Applications are invited from those working in the fields of product, industrial, fashion or graphic design in an EU country.

Creating prototypes (furniture and upholstery furniture, home accessories, clothes, packaging for product/s, wall decorations, etc) from locally obtained and processed materials with the technology available in Public Room, Skopje and its wider surrounds. Designers, regardless their orientation will be working on a real problem with assigned mentor from Public Room and a coordinating person company or an institution.

Deadline 15 April 2016.

Full details of the call and information on how to apply available here

Open Call for Design Residency in Skopje

Otvorena Soba, are pleased to announce a call for designers in residence (product, industrial, fashion and graphic designers, modellers and architects) to produce prototypes from locally obtained and processed materials, with the available technology in Skopje and it wider surroundings. Designers, regardless of their orientation, will be working on a real problem either with a company or an institution. Designers from EU countries are invited to apply to the residency to work on concrete projects in February/ March 2016. Full details of the opportunity can be found here. Deadline for applications 13 January 2016.